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Thanksgiving Open Discussion

Thanksgiving Open Discussion
Vincent Verhei
25 Nov 2021, 04:53am

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Thanksgiving football! Bears (3-7) at Lions (0-9-1)! Raiders (5-5) at Cowboys (7-3)! Bills (6-4) at Saints (5-5)!

Use this thread to discuss them all.

Tampa Bay vs colts

TB will show the world that they are real. The DVOA rankings will prove to be right with the number one spot. 

Just FYI: We decided to put…

Just FYI: We decided to put up a separate discussion thread for the Sunday/Monday games. It will be coming later this weekend.

New Orleans is possibly…

New Orleans is possibly going to be missing its top two QBs, top WR, top two halfbacks, both offensive tackles, and multiple defensive starters. If Buffalo can’t win this game, we should be disqualified from the playoffs. 

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