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SITE NEWS: Football Outsiders Almanac 2022 Now Available!

NFL Offseason – We’re happy to announce that the Football Outsiders Almanac 2022 Digital Edition is now available! This is the 18th annual version of the book that the Boston Globe called the “Bible for superfans and fantasy football leaguers.” It’s over 500 pages of cutting-edge statistical analysis, obsessive film study, and trademark humor. Full previews for all 32 NFL teams and the top 50 projected NCAA teams, plus over 500 player comments and KUBIAK fantasy football projections are all included.

This year, you’ll get access to the digital version of FO Almanac 2022 through a FO+ subscription. Right now, with our Early Bird Sale, you can get an FO+ subscription for 20% off through July 31. That gives you access to FO Almanac 2022 plus the DVOA database and the KUBIAK preseason fantasy projection tool. Once we get into the season, you get weekly fantasy projections and picks against the spread.

Like last year, you can read the FO Almanac team chapters as online articles, or you can download the entire PDF version to read including the college previews and the player comments with KUBIAK projections.

The print edition of Football Outsiders Almanac 2022 should be available on Amazon.com by the end of the week and will cost $29.99.

We will also be doing a series of livestreams to promote the Almanac and look at all 32 teams over the next eight weeks. We’re hitting two teams per show, two shows per week, mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm EDT. You can watch our livestreams on Twitch or YouTube or listen to them after the fact on the Football Outsiders Podcast Network. We start this week with the AFC South, covering Houston and Tennessee on Tuesday and Indianapolis and Jacksonville on Thursday.

If you need more help with the Almanac or FO+, please e-mail us at fo-support@edjsports.com.

For those of you who download the Almanac early, feel free to use the thread below to inform us of errors that we missed during proofreading. They’re inevitable, like Thanos or Joe Burrow. We’ll correct them before submitting the print version.

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