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Freddie Freeman Rumors: Monday – MLB Trade Rumors

Tab- I hope hope hope hope hope you are correct.

It would be so uninteresting really in the grand scheme. My 1 hope left for free agency is Freeman doesn’t ink with us , well that and Correa gets hosed!

I think baseball takes a small hit overall if he inks with LAD

Id personally rather keep the money more in the family for later with Buehler Urias Belli Muncy Smith and possibly Tre (adopted) coming up

I love Freddy Freeman as well, he’d be a great fit in Toronto or Nyy currently . Also Sf , they got the books wide open and Belt can play corner OF- Surprised haven’t heard any Boston interest, they have some need and wide open payroll 23 and beyond as well….Just not LAD please, let’s continue this positive upward MLB vibe momentum

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