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Dodgers: Tigers Have Reached Out to Agents of Corey Seager and Chris Taylor

The 2021 offseason has one of the deepest shortstop markets in recent years. Los Angeles has two high-impact players in that position that are very much included in that market. Corey Seager and Chris Taylor are both free agents and the team will try to keep one, if not both. Seager already rejected a qualifying offer from the Dodgers and Taylor is expected to do the same. 

If the Dodgers hope to retain those two stars then they should expect heavy competition. The Texas Rangers have already shown interest in signing Corey Seager as he has a familiar connection with the coaching staff there. They aren’t the only team who’s started moving in as the Detroit Tigers have reached out to agents of both Seager and Taylor. 

MLB Network’s Jon Morosi revealed that the Tigers are actively searching the shortstop market for their shortstop of the future.

The Tigers have been in the midst of a rebuild for a couple of years now. They’ve accumulated a lot of talent in the minor leagues and have started to reap the benefit of that the past couple of seasons. While they still finished under .500 this season, they showed signs of hope for the near future. 

Signing a player like Corey Seager or Chris Taylor would help to accelerate the process and add a veteran player who knows how to win. However, the Dodgers would have a lot to say about letting that happen so easily. the Tigers have money to spend and may try to outbid the Dodgers for either one, that’s if another team doesn’t join in the fun (yes, the Yankees). 

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