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Dodgers Identified as Top Landing Spot for Justin Verlander by MLB Writer

The Dodgers will potentially be losing two big arms this winter in the form of longtime ace Clayton Kershaw and 2021 second-half ace Max Scherzer. While the team will do what they can to retain one if not both pitchers, they’ve already started to prepare for their departure with interest in other arms. 

The team has already signed LHP Andrew Heaney and has shown interest in other capable arms. However, it’s going to take a lot to fill in the holes left by those two future Hall of Fame pitchers. Well, Bleacher Report’s Zachary Rymer identified that Justin Verlander as a potential candidate to do so with Los Angeles being a likely destination he could wind up in.

“It’s unclear whether the Dodgers were present at Verlander’s workout, but it would be a shocker if they weren’t. Not just because he’d fit in their rotation, but also because it would be a case of president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman not rekindling the interest he had in Verlander in 2017.”

A match between the two sides does make sense. Andrew Friedman tried to acquire Verlander for the team’s 2017 run but missed out as the Detroit Tigers ultimately sent him to Houston where he helped the Astros “take down” the Dodgers in the World Series. Verlander who is nearing the end of his career would most definitely want to join a contending team, and what better team to join than the Dodgers who have been World Series contenders for years.

His signing would come with a couple of hiccups. For one, the 38-year old is coming off of Tommy John surgery and hasn’t pitched in over a year. There’s no indication how he will perform moving forward, yet Verlander is a competitor like Kershaw and Scherzer and will stop at nothing to take the mound. Los Angeles could offer him an incentive-laden deal as well as a chance to win a ring. Verlander would have to decline his qualifying offer from the Astros and signing him would cost the Dodgers a draft pick, him it may be the price they’re willing to pay to add another Hall of Fame pitcher to offset their losses.

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