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Dodgers: Corey Seager Reportedly Turned Down Massive Contract Extension Last Spring

After seven years with the Dodgers, Corey Seager is trading Dodger blue for a whole lot of green. A big, Texas-sized pile of green. Seager agreed to a 10-year, $325 million deal with the Texas Rangers on Wednesday, leaving LA in his rearview mirror.

In the wake of Seager’s signing with Texas, AM570’s David Vassegh revealed a bit of inside information he had been holding on to for quite some time. It seems that Seager turned down an eight year, $250 million contract extension from the Dodgers before the 2021 season began.

“The Dodgers were pursuing Seager all the back to Spring Training. Corey Seager turned down an eight year, $250M extension in spring training.”

It’s easy to understand why Texas forked over the cash. Seager owns the second highest OPS since 2015 (.870) among qualified shortstops behind only Fernando Tatis Jr. The new shortstop for the Rangers also trails Tatis, and Tatis only, in wOBA (.368) and wRC+ (132). One could easily make the argument that the longtime Dodger is the best hitting shortstop not named Tatis.

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In a separate appearance on AM570, Vassegh stated that the Dodgers’ inability to re-sign the 2020 World Series MVP wasn’t due to lack of trying.

“Sources close the Seager camp had indicated to me that the Rangers were being extremely aggressive in their pursuit…the Dodgers were in there as well. Just not to the point that the Rangers eventually went to pry him away from Los Angeles.”

Losing players of Corey Seager’s caliber is never easy, even for a franchise like the Dodgers. Homegrown talent has laid the foundation for the team’s run of success. Despite whatever the national media tries to tell Dodgers fans.

Barring any surprises this winter, Trea Turner should move back to his natural shortstop position. Sometimes that expensive insurance policy pays off.

The goal for Turner is simple, replace another great hitting shortstop who will be dearly missed by Dodgers fans.

No pressure.

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