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Bill Haney wants judges to put on “A class” job for Devin’s fight against Kambosos

By Sean Jones: Devin Haney’s father & trainer Bill Haney won’t be with him for his June 5th fight against unified lightweight champion George Kambosos Jr. in Melbourne, Australia, but he’s hoping the judges don’t mess things up.

Bill Haney wasn’t allowed to travel to Australia due to visa issues stemming from a 30-year-old conviction for drugs in 1992.

As a result, his son, WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney (27-0, 15 KOs), will be on his own against the Australian Kambosos Jr on June 5th.

If anything, Devin, 23, has been hardened by his father not being permitted to travel with him for this fight, and he wants to make sure he rips the straps from the unbeaten Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs0 on the night.

The only title Haney has no use for is Kambosos Jr’s WBC Franchise belt. He doesn’t want that trinket. It’s unclear what happens to the Franchise title, but Haney sure as heck doesn’t want it.

Kambosos Jr. vs. Haney will be headlining on ESPN at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The seating capacity for the stadium is approximately 56,000, and it’s expected to be sold out by fight time on June 5th.

You can expect that the vast majority of fans that attend the fight will be rooting for the boastful 28-year-old Kambosos, but hopefully, the cheering being done doesn’t cloud the minds of the judges.

Haney wants to make sure that the fight is so one-sided that there won’t be any doubts in the judges’ minds on who is winning the rounds.

“This s*** gone get serious about my money. This ain’t no f*** play-doh! 🥷🏽#TheDream,” said Devin Haney on Instagram about his fight with Kambosos.

Unfortunately for Haney, he’ll be stuck fighting Kambosos a second time, even if he beats him soundly. There is a rematch clause in the contract, which means Haney will be fighting Kambosos a second time, no matter how badly he defeats him on June 5th.

The second fight will also take place in Australia, meaning that Haney will be up against it in both contests. Just him alone against a whole bunch of pro-Kambosos fans.

“That’s what being a world champion is. It’s going into a place where you’re not necessarily known and respected, and it’s coming out with the respect of the fans,” said Bill Haney to K.O Artist Sports about Devin traveling to Australia to battle Kambosos Jr in front of his own fans on June 5th.

“Devin is going to put on an A performance, and George Kambosos is going to put on an A performance. Then you have a judge do a C-class performance or an F or a D. So, I expect the judges to put on an A-class performance and may the best man win,” said Bill Haney.


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