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SM21 – Challenge Mode – Soccer Manager

Posted on 20th April 2021

For a mobile first game we are always looking into what works for our community.

We know that the core game is very rewarding but demands a certain amount of time and effort to achieve what you want in more of a sandbox style game mode.

Due to this we are trialing a new game mode for SM21 – Challenge Mode.

With Challenge Mode we are exploring the options to give time to a team some players might not be too familiar with or at least the team’s current squad and have them push to a clear objective in a season limited career.

This delivers a challenging but rewarding play style without the “what next? decisions that might hinder some of the pick up and play moments mobile gaming was built for.

At this moment Challenge Mode is only available on Android and to a small percent of our community while we test the effects of this new game mode on the overall playing experience.

Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to listen to feedback from our community and will be looking at the data before deciding whether to roll this out to everyone playing on mobile.


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