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Peng Shuai Most Serious Matter In Sports

Ruud: Peng Shuai Most Serious Matter In Sports

The heartbreaking story of Peng Shuai is a primary concern of the elite eight in Turin, says Casper Ruud.

Asked his reaction to the case of former doubles world No. 1 Peng Shuai, who has not been seen publicly since November 2nd when she alleged a Chinese government official had sexually assaulted her, Ruud called the case one of the “most serious matters in sports.”

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“I think it’s one of the most serious matters in the sports world right now,” Ruud told the media in Turin following his ATP Finals semifinal loss to Daniil Medvedev. “I know that all the players here are concerned and worried. We all hope that we will hear back from her soon, that everything is fine for her. That’s the most important.

“We are all humans. Even though we’re competitors, it’s great to see how everyone supports each other when something like this happens. Again, I hope everything is fine with her and we will get some indication or confirmation that she’s doing fine.”

Ruud’s remarks support world Novak Djokovic’s show of solidarity with the WTA Tour, which issued an ultimatum to China: produce Peng Shuai or we will withdraw all 10 WTA tournaments from the nation.

“The whole community, tennis community, needs to back her up and her family, make sure that she’s safe and sound because if you would have tournaments on the Chinese soil without resolving this situation, it would be a little bit strange,” he said. “I do understand why WTA has taken a stance like that.”

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