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NFL Salary Cap and Cap Space by Team

With the NFL salary cap expected to grow in the 2022 season, what is the situation for each NFL team as we head towards the 2022 NFL league year? With a base salary cap of $208.2 million, let’s take a look at how much 2022 salary cap space each NFL team currently has.

NFL salary cap and cap space by team

During the early parts of the offseason, the salary cap situation for each team changes almost daily. As teams sign players not currently attached to a team to their roster, it can impact their cap space for the upcoming league year.

What is the “top 51 rule” when it comes to offseason salary cap space for NFL teams?

During the offseason, the NFL does not count the salary of every player on the team towards the salary cap. Instead, they use a process of only counting the 51 most expensive contracts in terms of the team’s salary cap hits. This rule stretches until the start of the season. At that point, all 53 players on the roster count towards the salary cap.

Why do teams have adjustments and rollover numbers in their cap space?

The NFL salary cap is not simply set by having one fixed number. Each team has an individualized salary cap, which is created using a couple of elements.

First, teams can rollover salary cap space from one year to another. For example, if a team was $20 million under the salary cap in 2021, they can add that $20 million to their cap space in 2022. However, there are rules that govern this and prevent teams from simply saving all their cap space up over a few years and then spending it all in one go.

The second element is referred to as adjustments. These adjustments allow the NFL to make slight changes to the cap for each team according to things such as incentives. These can be somewhat complicated in terms of the process. Essentially, depending on whether players hit their incentives the year before, a team’s salary cap space will be accordingly adjusted.

As of February 16, these have yet to be officially formalized for the 2022 NFL league year. Therefore, they currently appear as zero in the table below.

NFL team by team salary cap space

Each team’s salary cap space is updated daily at 8 AM ET. Salary cap numbers are from Spotrac, and all numbers are listed in millions and rounded to one decimal place.

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