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Former NFL Exec Ranks Best And Worst Front Offices

NFL Week 11 – After more than half of the first-ever 17-game NFL season, we have had enough time to come to some type of understanding regarding which front office decisions have paid dividends and who has misfired. To this point, three front offices have stood out thus far as deserving of recognition, while others have not been as successful.


Arizona Cardinals Front Office

I think a lot of the credit for Arizona’s recent win against San Francisco with Kyler Murray out belongs to Kliff Kingsbury. I had Colt McCoy in Cleveland, so I am not totally surprised he found some success on Sunday because I think he is a better football player than most people realize. That said, he won on Sunday completing 22 of 26 passes for 249 yards and a TD without turning the ball over, in part due to Kingsbury’s game planning.

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