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ESPN: Best WR Trios Ever

The 2013 Broncos got an extra 214 DYAR from their top tight end Julius Thomas. It’s beyond the purview of the article, but makes that season all the more impressive to me.

Seeing that Nat Moore now needs an introduction makes me feel old.

The 2012 Packers are on here, but it was the previous season that they had probably the most illustrious ever depth chart at WR: Jennings, Nelson, James Jones, Cobb and Donald Driver. Okay, Cobb was a rookie, while Driver was washed up and in his final season, but it didn’t matter as the three others stayed healthy, and block-shy TE Jermichael Finley added 165 DYAR. The least productive of the five receivers, Jones, gained nearly 6,000 yards in his career and once led the league in touchdowns. Cobb is the second least-productive to date, although he’s been a starting WR for a decade, and has already accumulated more than 7,000 career yards.

Incredibly none of them is likely the best receiver of the Rodgers era.

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