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Enter The MLBTR Free Agent Prediction Contest

UPDATE: The contest is now closed.  More than 6,200 people entered!  The leaderboard will be available soon.

It’s time for the MLB Trade Rumors Free Agent Prediction Contest!  Click here to enter your picks for the destinations for our top 50 free agents.  The deadline for entry is TONIGHT at 11pm central time!  You can edit your picks until then.  Further contest info:

  • After the window to make picks has closed, we’ll post a public leaderboard page so you can see who’s winning the contest as players sign with teams.  We’re going to use entrants’ full names on it.  So, if that concerns you, please do not enter the contest.  Entries with inappropriate names will be deleted.
  • We are also collecting email addresses, which I will use to notify winners.
  • If a player signs between now and the close of the contest, that’s a freebie, but you still need to go in and make the correct pick.
  • After you submit your picks, you’ll receive an email from Google Forms.  In that email, you’ll see a button that allows you to edit your picks.
  • We will announce the winners on MLBTR once all 50 free agents have signed.  We will award $500 to first place, $300 to second place, and $100 to third place.  We will also be giving  one-year memberships to Trade Rumors Front Office for everyone who finishes in the top 15.  Winners must respond to an email within one week.
  • MLB owners are expected to lock out the players this winter, putting a freeze on transactions.  The winners of this contest will be declared on May 1st, 2022, and any unsigned players will be excluded from the competition.  If fewer than 30 players are signed at that point, the contest will be canceled.
  • Ties in the correct number of picks will be broken by summing up the rankings of the free agents of the correct picks and taking the lower total.  For example: Tim and Steve each get two picks correct.  Tim gets Carlos Correa (#1 ranking) and Anthony Rizzo (#21 ranking) for a total of 22 points.  Steve gets Marcus Semien (#6) and Eduardo Rodriguez (#14) for a total of 20 points.  Steve’s total is lower and he’s ahead of Tim for tiebreaker purposes.
  • I mistakenly forgot to change the Indians to the Guardians in the contest form.  I’m going to leave that mistake to make sure I don’t break anything by trying to change it.  Sorry about that.

If you have any further questions, ask us in the comment section of this post!  Otherwise, make your picks now!

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