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Dodgers Offseason: MLB Insider Reports that Corey Seager Remains on Rangers Radar

In less than great news, it seems like Dodgers fans should perhaps start to brace more for the loss of Corey Seager this offseason. The shortstop is a free agent and has reportedly been in communication with a number of MLB clubs since the end of the season with the biggest being the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees.

Late on Sunday, MLB insider Ken Rosenthal didn’t do anything to help LA fans feel optimistic with this tweet.

The Rangers made a pair of big splashes earlier on Sunday when it was reported that Texas had agreed to a seven-year deal with free agent infielder Marcus Semien and a four-year deal with free agent right-hander Jon Gray. After committing over $230 million to two players, the next question is how much do the Rangers plan on spending this winter?

Well, if they remain in on Seager, it’s definitely a lot.

With Max Scherzer reportedly leaning toward signing with the Mets, it’s beginning to feel bleak for fans in LA. So far the biggest splashes for the Dodgers are a pair of minor league types with upside. Still, there’s reason to keep the faith. At the end of the season, Seager expressed a desire to return to Los Angeles. Plus you can never really count out the Dodgers’ front office until the last minute.

If Seager does leave, thankfully there’s already an all-star ready to take his place at shortstop. The Dodgers traded for Trea Turner last year at the deadline for just this sort of situation. But there would still be a massive hole to fill in the lineup.

Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Chris Taylor, Joe Kelly, and Corey Knebel remain among LA’s best free agents on the open market.

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