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Dodgers: Freddie Freeman Linked to LA’s Potential Plans After Losing Seager

Dodger fans officially had to say goodbye to Corey Seager on Monday. Seager had been a mainstay of a lefty monster bat for the Dodgers for the past six years. An NLCS MVP, a World Series MVP, and a ring, Seager brought the Dodgers to the promised land. Good things end, and the bird officially has flown the coop.

Where Does That Leave LA?

From an overall firepower standpoint, the Dodgers still have the fire for 2021. Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, Justin Turner, Max Muncy (we hope), and hopefully a fixed Cody Bellinger is still a top-tier lineup. The question marks on the end of the Dodger lineup are there, however. That’s where Ken Rosenthal floated a big idea.

In a recent article at The Athletic, the baseball insider discussed the ripple effect and repercussions of Seager leaving LA and leaving a hole.

“The fallout to Seager’s 10-year, $325 million agreement with the Rangers might be as fascinating as the deal itself. In the immediate aftermath, [one of] two intriguing possibilities emerged: The Dodgers pursuing free-agent first baseman Freddie Freeman to replace Seager as the top left-handed hitter in their lineup.”

Notably, this isn’t the first time Rosenthal has linked the 2020 MVP to LA. Jon Heyman has also now tweeted about the Freeman-to-LA possibility, adding that the Dodgers may have the best hope for luring the southern California kid out of Atlanta.

Before Dodger fans read this and drool all over the table, it is also noted that most experts expect Freeman will re-sign with the Atlanta Braves. That said, the acquisition of Freeman is tantalizing but also comes with some question marks.

Ready Freddie?

In the previous paragraph, we established that the Dodger lineup is still a potent one even with the loss of Corey Seager. The question marks around Max Muncy could pressure the Dodgers front office into pursuing Freeman, but it isn’t likely. That’s because the Dodgers’ most pressing issue isn’t in their lineup, it’s the rotation. Losing Max Scherzer and Seager on the same day was a painful one because having David Price in the Dodgers starting rotation for 2022 isn’t confidence-inducing. Bringing back Clayton Kershaw will help the hearts of Dodger fans as well as a starting role, but most experts see the Dodgers leaning on their arms to win another division.

Acquiring Freeman will put some real clamps on the money clip for the Dodgers front office, and acquiring pitching through trade will mean another dip into the Dodgers’ famed minor league depth.

Into the Unknown

Ultimately, acquiring Freeman is the “new shiny toy” idea after losing one that you love. It is certainly possible, as Freeman is from southern California, and ultimately the Dodgers do have the money. It is more likely that the Dodgers front office focuses on bolstering the starting pitching, however. Still…it’d be nice to see Freeman in blue.

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