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Dodgers: Crafty Service Time Move Costs Matt Beaty Super Two Status

When the Dodgers unexpectedly sent pinch hitter Matt Beaty down to the minor leagues late in August, it was a head scratcher. The left-handed batter had done everything the club had asked of him up to that point, hitting a solid .262 with a .358 on-base percentage in limited playing time.

Rumblings surfaced that perhaps the club might have had an eye on Beaty’s service time and super two status with the move, but that’s purely speculative and has no confirmable substance to the accusation. However, after MLB Trade Rumors owner Tim Dierkes confirmed on Saturday morning that the super two cutoff was set at 2 years, 116 days, it certainly gives the accusation more teeth.

Matt Beaty missed the super two cutoff by one day. Just one. Beaty was down in the minor leagues for 16 days, costing him about 25-26 days of service time.

As such, the Dodgers gain another year of team control over the utility player and will be able to pay him just the league minimum in 2022.

Unfortunately, this is where the old adage of baseball is a business fits like a worn glove. Moves like these not only affect players and their families, but they can do something to wear on a player’s love for the game. In parts of 3 seasons with the Dodgers, Matt Beaty has a .262 batting average with 18 home runs and 91 runs batted in over 240 games.

For more of a refresher course on service time and super two status, MLBTR scribe TC Zencka did a great job here.

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